Application Description Part Number Ref. Number
ISUZU Hub Unit 512123 BR930185
ISUZU Wheel Bearing DAC34640037 309726DA, 532066DE, IR-8041, GB10884, B35, DAC3464G1
ISUZU Drive Shaft Center Support 8-94328-800 IS-30-4010
ISUZU Drive Shaft Center Support 8-94482-472 IS-30-4110
ISUZU Drive Shaft Center Support 8-94202521-0 IS-30-3910
ISUZU Drive Shaft Center Support 94328850COMP VKQA60066
ISUZU Clutch release bearing 5-31314-001-1 54TKA3501
ISUZU Clutch release bearing 8-94101-243-0 48TKA3214
ISUZU Clutch release bearing 8-97023-074-0 RCT473SA
ISUZU Clutch release bearing RCTS338SA4 RCTS338SA4
ISUZU Truck release bearing 81TKL4801  
ISUZU Truck release bearing 8-97255313-0 

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Post time: May-05-2023