Wheel Bearings 510006, Applied to Toyota, Lexus


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1410-45536, FW153

Toyota, Lexus

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The hub bearing 510006 provided by Trans-Power is applied to Toyota Rav4, Camry, Sienna, Avalon, Lexus and other models. The hub bearing is produced with special bearing steel, which can improve the service life of the bearing and improve the economy.

The 510021 is specifically designed to meet the radial and thrust loads encountered in wheel applications. With its double-row angular contact ball design, you get optimal support and stability. It consists of an inner ring, outer ring, balls, cage and seals, all of which together form a strong and durable wheel bearing.

Both the inner and outer rings are made of high-quality materials and then carefully machined to obtain the optimum size. These rings provide housing and support for the other components of the bearing, ensuring that they function properly. The balls are made of rolled steel for high strength, durability and wear resistance.

The cage in the 510021 wheel bearing is designed to hold the balls in place while allowing them to move freely, ensuring perfect alignment without collisions. Cages are made of steel or synthetic material and play an important role in bearing balance.

One of the most critical features of our 510021 wheel bearings is the seal. Seals are installed on both sides of the bearing to prevent dust or water and other pollutants from entering, prevent rust, and ensure the life and reliability of the bearing.

Replacing wheel bearings with 510021 will not only restore optimum performance, but will also increase the safety of your vehicle. Damaged wheel bearings can cause uneven tire wear, difficult steering, and even sudden wheel failure.

The 510021 is suitable for a wide range of automotive applications including passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs. Our wheel bearings are also compatible with different hubs and axles, making them a versatile and reliable option for your wheel bearing needs.

510006 is double row angular contact ball wheel bearing, this design can support radial and thrust loads encountered in wheel applications, and it consists of inner ring, outer ring, balls, cage and seal.

Bore Dia (d) 43mm
Outer Dia (D) 82mm
Inner Width (B) 45mm
Outer Width (C ) 45mm
Seal Structure D
ABS Encoder N
Dynamic Load Rating (Cr) 61.19KN
Stactic Load Rating (Cor) 54.29 KN
Material GCr15 (AISI 52100) Chrome Steel

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Wheel Bearings

TP can supply more than 200 kinds of Auto Wheel Bearings & Kits, which include ball structure and tapered roller structure, the bearings with rubber seals, metallic seals or ABS magnetic seals are also available.

TP products have excellent structure design, reliable sealing, high precision, long working life to meet different customers’ requirements. Product range covers European, American, Japanese, Korean vehicles.

Below list is part of our hot-selling products, if you need more product information, please feel free to contact us.

Part Number SKF FAG IRB SNR BCA Ref. Number
DAC25520037 445539AA 546467576467 IR-2220 FC12025S07FC12025S09
DAC28580042 28BW03A
DAC28610042 IR-8549 DAC286142AW
DAC30600337 BA2B 633313C
IR-8040 GB10790S05 B81 DAC3060W
DAC34620037 309724
BAHB 311316B
DAC34640037 309726DA 532066DE IR-8041 GB10884 B35 DAC3464G1
DAC34660037 636114A 580400CA IR-8622
DAC35640037 510014 DAC3564A-1
DAC35650035 BT2B 445620BB
546238A IR-8042 GB12004 BFC12033S03 DAC3565WCS30
DAC35660033 BAHB 633676 IR-8089 GB12306S01
DAC35660037 BAHB 311309 546238544307 IR-8065 GB12136 513021
DAC35680037 BAHB 633295B
8611IR-8026 GB10840S02 B33 DAC3568A2RS
DAC35680233/30 DAC3568W-6
DAC35720228 BA2B441832AB 544033 IR-8028 GB10679
DAC35720033 BA2B446762B 548083 IR-8055 GB12094S04
DAC35720433 BAHB633669 IR-8094 GB12862
DAC35720034 540763 DE0763CS46PX1 B36 35BWD01CCA38
DAC36680033 DAC3668AWCS36
DAC37720037 IR-8066 GB12807 S03
DAC37720237 BA2B 633028CB 527631 GB12258
DAC37720437 633531B 562398A IR-8088 GB12131S03
DAC37740045 309946AC 541521C IR-8513
DAC38700038 686908A 510012 DAC3870BW
DAC38720236/33 510007 DAC3872W-3
DAC38740036/33 514002
DAC38740050 559192 IR-8651 DE0892
DAC39680037 BA2B 309692
311315 BD
IR-8052IR-8111 B38
DAC39720037 309639
BAHB 311396B
542186A IR-8085 GB12776 B83
DAC39740039 BAHB636096A 579557 IR-8603
DAC40720037 BAHB311443B 566719 IR-8095 GB12320 S02 FW130
DAC40720637 510004
DAC40740040 DAC407440
DAC40750037 BAHB 633966E IR-8593
DAC39/41750037 BAHB 633815A 567447B IR-8530 GB12399 S01
DAC40760033/28 474743 539166AB IR-8110 B39
DAC40800036/34 513036 DAC4080M1
DAC42750037 BA2B 633457
309245 603694A
GB12010 513106
DAC42760039 513058
DAC42760040/37 BA2B309796BA
547059A IR-8112 513006
DAC427640 2RSF
DAC42800042 513180
DAC42800342 BA2B
527243C 8515 513154 DAC4280B 2RS

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